Can We Guess The Latest Trends In Mobile Apps Accurately?


The world of mobile app development is changing fast and furiously along with it the landscape of apps and tools that let users hack into emerging technology is building too like the brand new lucky patcher. The patcher allows users to remove Google Ads, remove license verification and buy in-app purchases for free. It is the ultimate hacking tool at hand presently for gamers. It is not just mobile apps that are growing, even the ecosystem of PC’s is widening. A simple look at the latest articles of note on give a glimpse of the cutting-edge technology computers have developed.

Here are some of the trends that will emerge in 2017 when it comes to mobile app developers to bring a drastic change in cumbersome stores and gaming arena. The first trend that will come forth is the streaming of Apps. The days of downloading and then accessing an app will soon be gone by. The new “app” would be cloud based and streamed directly giving instant access to a user. Both Google and Apple have dipped their toes in the deep waters of streaming with their Android Instant Apps and On Demand Resources. Another trend that we all have had a taste of when it comes to mobile games is altered reality. The talk of the town was Pokémon Go the minute it was released. Both augmented reality and virtual reality will be dominating the gaming field soon. Already VR sets have made a huge splash in the technology market. Again booth Apple and Google have been working vigorously on this with. While Google has been open about their mobile vision technology platform SDK, Apple has kept mum with only recently Tim Cook confirming that they are working on something.

The next big thing that will really make headlines would be Artificial Intelligence. Though at present there is a huge hue and cry about bots making the jobs of developers redundant AI will be a milestone in mobile apps. A simple example of AI advancing apps is chatbots and virtual assistants. With AI being part of the development process, augmenting the capabilities of mobile apps will be easier and better. Another major change in apps will be creating new apps with already present APIs instead of hand coding them. The future is composing an app by mixing different APIs and matching their abilities to the needs of the app much like stacking Legos together to create a single form.

More trends like Serverless apps that will promote sharing between iOS and Android apps or Internet of Things that have nitro-boosted app development will see a marked emergence. Both Progressive Web Apps and new-age JavaScript will also see a rise in the coming years. The founding line is that with the leaps and bounds being made in technology similar advances are being made in the parallel field of hacking apps and games to make things easier and free for the user. Apps like lucky patcher are just the tip of the iceberg the real deals are yet to come.

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