Bridal Bouquets And Their Significance Through Ages

Bridal Bouquets

A perfect wedding is just not about choosing the perfect dress, the right jewellery, the fairy tale location and the best cake. It is also about decorating it in gorgeous blooms and let us not forget the crucial piece – the Bridal Bouquets. For ages and ages, a bouquet of flowers has been carried by the bride down the aisle in some form or the other. What started as a wreath of herbs and flowers in the hair transformed to a bunch of fresh flowers in hand. Today, this culture of using flowers to enlighten a wedding has spread so much that couples are now saying their vows in the midst of wild field and gardens as per a piece in

But do brides know the actual significance of carrying blooms as they walk down the aisle towards the man they will spend the rest of their lives with? Here we explain some of the meanings and connotations attached to this vital item of any wedding. The first is the colour of the flowers used in the bouquet. As per tradition, the more intense the shade of the flowers, the more passionate was the emotions of the bride. Keep in mind that we are talking about a time when openly expressing feelings was not a norm. People had to make do with gestures.

In modern times, the colour of the bouquet rarely has any connection to the feelings of the bride. It is more connected to the wedding colours of the preference of the bride. The hues of the flowers match the shade of the wedding gown; the style of the bouquet is as per the personal style of the bride. More often than not the shade of the blooms would be a light hue of pastel colours as those are the most preferred tones of a wedding. Another tradition that has been partaken for eons is the tossing of the bridal bouquet. It is one of the most important parts of any wedding. After the ceremony and just before the bride and groom are ready to depart, the bride tosses the bouquet behind her. The lucky woman to catch the bunch is said to be the next in line to get married.

The original tradition was a bit different in the old times. In the past, it was considered good luck to have a part of the bride’s ensemble. This led to people pulling on the gown of the bride while the festivities took place. An alternate of this uncomfortable tradition was found which involved the bride throwing a personal object towards the crowd. This personal item could be anything from garlands to garter to a bouquet. Because the person to catch the article would get the good luck of the bride, individuals who were eager to marry tended to work harder to catch the object. This morphed into the present tradition where catching the flowers equates to getting married soon.
A bridal bouquet is not just a few stems strung together; it is an object steeped in tradition and custom. So, choose it carefully.

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