Looking For The Right Place To Invest In Costa Rica

costarica1In the Caribbean Sea, you can find the buried treasure. Buried treasure also refers to the real estate property. Costa Rica is one of the richest countries surrounded by the Caribbean Sea. It is the most politically and economically stable countries in Latin America.

You can research from its political to natural elements and you can find many reasons why the investors consider it as the safest place to buy properties. Real Estate Costa Rica is viewed as the safest emerging markets for to grow in future.

The exports of the country are strong and it attracts a large number of tourist people and the tourist numbers are high where the country has the strong figure of Foreign Direct Investment per capita in Latin America. Also, it is a country of profitable real estate investment with a decent number of returns recorded each year.

The hot spots in Costa Rica are the southern zone and the northern Pacific coast. The southern zone is the good option for investment rather than the northern Pacific coast since there is high growth in infrastructures like a new airport and highway as planned by the government. The government approved projects in this region is in the queue and it is expected that the property value of this region boost to higher value.

You don’t want to be a citizen of Costa Rica to buy a property over there. You can buy a house in this country using your tourist visa. The majority of foreign investors start a corporation or commercial business since there is a lot of commercial freedom and protection available to the foreigners in this country. You can launch a corporation in this country without getting the citizenship or legal residency in this country.

The foreigners and the local people can enjoy the same rights in this country. When the sale of the property is agreed, a ten percent of the sale should be generally deposited in the government registered escrow account. It takes minimum 30-60 days for the final closure and it is a must to get the title insurance to protect the buyers.

The price of the property differs from coast to coast. You must research the value of the property like land, individual house, and a condo in the nearby market and decide whether to buy or ignore the property. In recent years the number of Canadian real estate firms purchasing property in Costa Rica is increasing. This is most benefit for people who are more interested in buy-and-hold the property instead of flipping.

You can enjoy the best return on your investment in long-run since the number of tourist people to this country is increasing day-by-day. The number of foreign people moving to the Costa Rica country has increased the property value in the most important areas in this country like San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica.

It is a must to find out the right place in Costa Rica where the property value is likely to increase in the future which yields you more profitable return in short time.