A Look Into The Different Types of Air Compressors

The air compressor is one of the most energy consuming equipments in any industry. Air compressors are segregated into two types. Based on the operation and construction features the classification is done. Two varieties of compressors are available. You can choose your Favourite air compressors according to your choice, depending on the user friendliness and cost.
The two types are as follows:
Positive Displacement Type
Dynamic Type

Let’s discuss each in detail.

Positive Displacement
This compressor mechanically displaces a fixed volume of air into a reduced volume. The fixed volume can be delivered by the compressor while operating at a fixed speed. The system load conditions determine the discharge pressure. The discharge pressure falls below the cut-off rate during higher consumption of air. This has four sub categories. They are as follows

Reciprocating Air Compressor – The to and fro motion of the piston generates the compressed air inside the cylinder. Each move is compressed at a fixed quantity. This is further divided into single stage air, double stage air and multiple stage air depending on the amount of air flow.
Rotary Air Compressor – Here the air compresses through two rotating motors. This type is sub divided into vane and screw compressor.
Screw- compression of air between two screws and thereby reduces the space
Vane- compression of air between rotating and casing through the movable motor.

Dynamic Type
This type usually imparts velocity to the air. This action is produced while rotating at a high speed in an enclosed casing. Here the air is progressively forced to a reduced volume. This flow may vary the pressure in the compressor. This compressor type is further divided into three types. The types are as follows.
Centrifugal Air Compressor
Axial Flow Air Compressor
Roots Blower Compressor

Mobile compressor

Mobile compressor